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Here at Northern Threads, we offer several classes designed to expand your creativity & broaden your skills. For sewing classes in Alaska you have come to the right place. Our sewing classes are held in our well lit shop with a sewing station for every student. There are different types of sewing classes to enroll in from beginner and on, taught by our educated instructors. Once you’re done with our sewing class, feel free to browse our inventory of sewing supplies, machines and accessories to jumpstart creativity for your next project. 


If you’re looking to expand your skills in knitting or crochet , we have crochet and knitting classes in Alaska to do just that! Here at Northern Threads you can learn a variety of stitches and techniques that can be used for many different projects. Our knitting classes also provide companionship and relaxation while fine tuning your knitting skills or even while you learn the basics. Take a knitting or crochet class and create masterpieces for the entire family to wear!

What do you do if all of these classes spark your interest? Check out theNorthern Threads Unlimited Classroom Pass today!

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