Authoized Pfaff and Viking Sewing Machine Service and Repairs
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Northern Threads Machine Service Center



Northern Threads has provided the best quality sewing machine service in Fairbanks since 2000. Our technician is factory-trained and certified, taking great pride in the work performed. All our service procedures are backed by a 30-day warranty. We’re an authorized service center for Bernina, Brother, Pfaff, Viking & Singer machines.
Service turnaround time is subject to needed parts or significant repairs. If your machine needs parts that we do not stock, there will be additional time required. This, unfortunately, is out of our control.

Service Appointment

If your machine needs adjustments or repair, call (907-931-2599), and we’ll place your machine on our waitlist. When your time for service arrives, we’ll let you know it’s time to bring in your machine.

Diagnostic & Estimate

A $60 one-time fee is paid at drop-off. This is a minimum charge for checking over a machine, troubleshooting repairs, and providing an estimate.

Quick Service

If you sew frequently throughout the year, have made many fuzzy, linty projects, or your machine just sounds a little noisy, then it’s timed for an annual quick service. This is just a basic clean and oil. There are no repairs or adjustments provided with this option.

Standard ServiceMachine Service

Standard Service includes cleaning, oiling, and checking basic settings with minor adjustments. Our Standard Service option is not available on some unique or vintage model machines and will be billed at $50/hr with a minimum of $110 charge.

NOTE: If we find your machine requires more than minor adjustments, we’ll contact you with an estimate and get your approval before the work proceeds.

Repairs and Major Adjustments

Repairs and major adjustments are billed at $50/hr plus parts, with a minimum $25 charge.

NOTE: Repairs and adjustments differ significantly from the work covered by standard service and therefore are billed in addition to the standard service fee. If a repair or significant adjustment is necessary, we’ll contact you with an estimate and get your approval before the work proceeds.


We work within a $60 parts margin which will allow us to replace any needed minor parts. We replace parts only when there is no other option. Should the required parts total fall below the margin, our technician will continue with the service without additional approval from the customer. If the total of the required parts exceeds the additional margin amount, the customer will be called for approval before the work proceeds.


We warranty our Service for 30 days.

What you should bring for service

Power Cord
Foot Control
Bobbin & Bobbin Case Zigzag Foot
Zigzag Stitch Plate
Sewn sample of straight & zigzag stitch
Accessories with known problems

Service Department Hours

Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

Service Options

Quick Service - Clean & Oil ----- $120

Standard Machine Service
Basic Machine - Clean, Oil & Adjust ----- $150
Advanced Machine - Clean, Oil & Adjust ----- $200
Serger - Clean, Oil & Adjust ----- $170 
Advanced Serger/Overlocker - Clean, Oil & Adjust ----- $170
Embroidery Unit - Clean, Oil & Adjust

Repairs & Major Adjustments - $60 Deposit collected at dropoff
Diagnostic & Estimate ----- $60
Unique or Vintage Machine - Clean, Oil & Adjust ----- $80 per hour
Repair Labor ----- $80 per hour
Rush Fee / 24-48 hr service when available ----- $60

Tips from the Tech!

  • Don’t sew over pins - We don’t recommend sewing over pins. You risk breaking a needle, which could cause a burr on the hook or other damage. If you have a broken needle, be sure to find and remove all broken pieces.
  • Change Needles Regularly - It’s easy to forget how much work your needle does. Over time, needles become dull, which can lead to looped threads, skipped stitches, pulls in the fabric and potential damage to the machine. We recommend changing your needle every eight hours, or every time you complete a project.
  • Remove Lint - Please do not use canned air to clean out the hook area of your machine. Always pull lint out with a brush or machine vacuum attachment. Never blow into the machine, lint flies up and may damage the computer boards.
  • Oiling the Machine - Oil the hook every 3-4 sewing hours.
    Note: Some machines are self-lubricating and don’t need to be oiled. Check your user’s manual to find out whether your machine needs to be oiled.
  • Needle Jam - If your needle gets jammed in your fabric, disconnect the needle from the needle bar in order to remove the needle. Do not use the handwheel to pry the needle out. It may cause your machine to go out of time or damage the hook of your machine.
  • SURGE PROTECTORS - ARE A MUST FOR ALL COMPUTER MACHINES! Recommended protection of at least 1000 joules.
  • Annual Servicing - To keep your machine in tip-top shape, make it a point to have it professionally serviced each year. No matter if you have a cheap sewing machine or an expensive model, annual servicing is a good idea. When you bring your machine in for service, list any problems that you have with your machine. Include sewn samples of known issues.