Northern Threads Pattern Corrections
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Pattern Corrections

I work very hard on my patterns, but nobody is perfect. Despite having a pattern tester & editors, sometimes we miss things. Below are the few errors that have been discovered. They will be fixed in future printings.

Orca at Sea

Download - Big Block Dash Barbara Lavallee Quilts and Kuspuks Version
The pattern was created prior to printing the Quilts and Kuspuks fabric collection. To accommodate the actual size of the printed fabric, changes were made.

Orca at Sea

Download - Orca at Sea
Text Correction Page 1 - Instructions are written for the twin size followed by the queen size in ( ) if there is a different requirement.

Corrected Letters - B & G and D & I letters were swapped. (Fabric placement - Diagram Page 1), (Block Diagram Page 3)

Download - Wildwood Correction
Yardage requirements for Cream and Dark Blue increased.

Morning Stroll
Download - Morning Stroll Correction
Change color placement in pieced block corrected.

Raven's Throne Row Pattern
Download - Raven's Throne Corrections
Changes include the background cutting layout revised and the cutting size of Flying Geese triangles corrected.

Borealis Ridge Row Pattern
Download - Row by Row 2016, Borealis Ridge Corrections
Corrected Strip Chart - Changes in Set 1 - 6 & 7 and 8 & 9

Northern Wilderness Pattern
Download - Northern Wilderness Border Corrections
Corrected Border Units - N, O, P & Q