Northern Threads Pattern Corrections
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Pattern Corrections

I work very hard on my patterns but nobody is perfect. Despite having a pattern tester & editors sometimes we miss things. Below are the few errors that have been discovered. They will be fixed in future printings

Orca at Sea

Download - Orca at Sea
Text Correction Page 1 - Instructions are written for the twin size followed by the queen size in ( ) if there is a different requirement.

Corrected Letters - B & G and D & I letters were swapped. (Fabric placement - Diagram Page 1), (Block Diagram Page 3)

Download - Wildwood Correction
Yardage requirements for Cream and Dark Blue increased

Morning Stroll
Download - Morning Stroll Correction
Change color placement in pieced block corrected.

Raven's Throne Row Pattern
Download - Raven's Throne Corrections
Changes include background cutting layout revised and cutting size of Flying Geese triangles corrected.

Borealis Ridge Row Pattern
Download - Row by Row 2016, Borealis Ridge Corrections
Corrected Strip Chart - Changes in Set 1 - 6 & 7 and 8 & 9

Northern Wilderness Pattern
Download - Northern Wilderness Border Corrections
Corrected Border Units - N, O, P & Q