Aurora Borealis by Northcott Fabrics
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The Aurora Borealis is a spectacular natural light display witnessed around the world, predominately in the Arctic and Antarctic. Cascading colors creating shapes associated with fire in the sky and mythical creatures have shaped legendary folklore since ancient times. Created by Alaskan artist Dawn Geraty, Aurora Borealis reflects the beauty of the Northern Lights in bold color.  A shadow play of animals highlighted in the panel and focal prints add contrast to the colorful backdrop. The panel makes an ideal tryptic wall-hanging or featured blocks in a quilt. A selection of unique textural prints reflects the northern lights in a variety of vibrant hues, while a selection of Toscana prints completes the coordination. Experience the magic of Aurora Borealis! 

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Aurora Animals Quilt Pattern



Aurora Borealis White 24705-10



Aurora Animals Panel Aurora Borealis Blue Multi DP24700-46



Aurora Borealis Blue Multi DP24703-46



Aurora Animals Quilt Kit