Ottertex Marine Vinyl Brown Marble - 595194
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Ottertex Marine Vinyl Brown Marble

100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), 100% Polyester Backing
Width: 54 inches
Weight: 650 GSM
Care: Brush, Wipe, and Spot Clean with a Mild Cleaning Solution

Ottertex® Vinyl fabric is a 54" wide, faux leather fabric that weighs approximately 2lbs per linear yard and has a thickness of 1mm. Displaying a marble-like design, this fabric also features a durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coating with a mesh back woven from strong polyester fibers. PVC is one of the most widely produced synthetic polymers due to its reliable and lasting nature. The vinyl fabric also has a heat-sealable back, and a smooth finished leather looks on the front, which is perfect for all types of upholstery. It has a UV sun resistance of approx. 200+ hours and can be used for outdoor summer/spring projects. The vinyl provides a sustainable body while replicating the comfort of natural leather. The fabric has a finished edge, so it's ready to use the moment you receive it without the need for any hemming.

This vinyl fabric can be used for seat covers, garments, patio covers, decor, bags, and most indoor/outdoor upholstery projects. The fabric features a subtle veiny look with a polished and smooth finish.