Nylon Ripstop Black - 574440
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Nylon Ripstop Black

100% Nylon
Width: 58/60 inches
Weight: 70 GSM
Thickness: 0.12 mm
Care: Machine Wash, Cold; Tumble Dry, Low

Ottertex® 70D (1.9oz) DWR Nylon Ripstop fabric is a smooth, pliable, and lightweight fabric that is tear-resistant and water-repellant. Woven with 100% nylon fibers measuring 70 deniers, Ottertex® 70D (1.9oz) DWR Nylon Ripstop is relatively thin and lightweight. However, the fabric is also very durable. This ripstop fabric features reinforced stitching every 1/8 of an inch to prevent rips and tears, which can be identified by the fabric’s subtle grid-like pattern. Measuring 58/60 inches in width, Ottertex® 70D (1.9oz) DWR Nylon Ripstop fabric has a 70 GSM, weighs approximately 4.1 ounces per linear yard, and measures 0.12 mm in thickness.

Use Ottertex® 70D (1.9oz) DWR Nylon Ripstop fabric for various lightweight, indoor, and outdoor applications. This fabric is ideal for flags, tents, bags, covers, etc. It can also be used to craft apparel like jackets, windbreakers, tracksuits, etc.