Waterproof Canvas
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While every effort is made to represent color accurately, every monitor is different, and we cannot guarantee the colors you see match the colors of the actual fabric.
Available in various colors, these patented waterproof canvas fabrics are crafted with 100% polyester fabric and measure 61/62" in width. These Ottertex® Canvas Waterproof fabrics feature a 0.55mm thickness with PVC backing and a calculated 600 x 600 denier; in other words, they are strong enough for military or camping applications. These fabrics weigh approximately 1.1 lbs per linear yard, making them convenient for transporting while still heavy enough for extended use.

The uses for our Ottertex Canvas Waterproof are limitless. Affordable, durable, and easy to clean, Ottertex Canvas Waterproof fabrics can be easily handled on most sewing machines without special requirements. They are great for your next craft or project.

These fabrics can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some great project ideas include; patio furniture upholstery, backpacks, tote bags, camping chairs, tents, truck bed and boat covers, outdoor awnings, and much, much more.

Our Ottertex® Canvas Waterproof fabrics may fade if exposed to the sun for too long (approximately 500 hours).

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Ottertex Canvas Waterproof (23 colors)