Candles Pre-Cut Laser Applique Set - 639912001975
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Candles Pre-Cut Laser Applique Set

Laser Cut Pre Fused Fabric Appliques
2 Pieces | 13" x 11"scene
Laser Cut Appliques

If cutting out fabric pieces is your forte or you just want to get started on the project right away, our laser-cut appliques are a perfect choice!

The fabric will maintain a soft hand after fusing. These appliques are great for apparel, home decor, and craft projects. It bonds fabric to fabric or any porous surface like wood and cardboard. (Featured runner pattern on the cover, Included)

OPTIONAL TABLE RUNNER  (Pictured runner 14 x 42 )
Supplies Required
(11) 2 1/2 Strips Assorted Fabric
1/4 Yard Binding
1/2 Yard Backing Fabric
17 x 44 Batting

Gently peel off the paper backing to expose the fusible web. Position applique onto the project as desired with fusible web side down. Cover with a damp press cloth and, with iron at Wool setting, press firmly for 10-15 seconds. Repeat, lift, and overlap iron until all fabric is fused. Remove press cloth and iron fabric to eliminate excess moisture.

The applique can be stitched using your thread of choice and free motion straight stitch.