Bernina E16 Fast Clamp Pro
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Bernina E16 Fast Clamp Pro


Easy to install and use.
Adjustable width, easily move arms in or out to fit the product.
Adjustable arm height to fit materials of varying thickness.
Three sets of clamp arms are included: Short, Medium, Long.
Optimized for EMT16X, EMT16PLUS, EMT16, Bravo, Amaya XTS, and Amaya XT embroidery machines. (Not Recommended/Not Compatible with original AMAYA Red/White machines.)
Works with hoop limits in MOS.
Light-weight, strong and rigid—manufactured using high-quality aircraft aluminum.

Monogram on backpacks with your Melco embroidery machine.
Eliminates hooping on many products.
Enables embroidery on products with a narrow or small sewing field, such as dog leashes, collars, bag straps, flip flops, small pockets, etc.
Saves time.
Reduces production cost.
Adds versatility to your embroidery machine.
Improves stitch quality.
Simple, all-in-one system (as opposed to other products that require multiple frames/parts to accomplish similar tasks).
Personalized dog collars are easy!
With Melco Fast Clamp PRO, personalizing dog collars, leashes, and other pet accessories are simple. Using the small arm set, simply adjust the width to the desired setting. Then, using the alignment marks on the arms as a guide, position the collars and lock the arms down. You are now ready to sew.