Bernina Jeans-Foot Sole #8 - 0084537300
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Bernina Jeans-Foot Sole #8

Jeans-foot sole #8 is the invisible-hemming expert. When you sew a blind-hem with this foot, the stitching can scarcely be seen from the front. With Jeans-foot sole #8 the stitch is formed over a special blade that acts as a guide, creating a slightly loose stitch so that the hem lies nice and flat.

When the fabric is pressed flat, the needle-penetration points on the front of the fabric “close up”, making the seam virtually invisible. What’s more, the guide blade ensures an even distance to the folded edge, allowing the hem to be sewn neatly and consistently.

Suitable for practically all fabrics, Jeans-foot sole #8 also makes quick work of narrow-edge stitching medium weight  and thick fabrics with the needle position to the left or right.