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Friday's Kuspuk Adult Pattern

Friday’s Kuspuk, one pattern with many options.  Sized 2-32 to fit most teens and adults.

The “Kuspuk”  itself is not my design.  It is a beautiful part of Alaska’s clothing heritage.  The Kuspuk (from Yup’ik qaspeq; Iñupiaq: atik?uk) , also known as the “Eskimo Summer Parka”, was traditionally constructed of calico fabrics and adorned with simple trims such as Rick Rack and bias tapes.  The traditional Kuspuk is not made with a pattern, but with custom torn pieces of fabric and artfully crafted to fit the individual wearing it.  The garment has been used as a protective (and decorative) outer garment over winter parkas and as a lightweight top or dress in the summer months.  Kuspuk designs vary across the state, reflecting the uniqueness of Alaska’s Native Peoples.

“Friday’s Kuspuk” is a sewing pattern designed for those of us who prefer or need to use patterns.  As mentioned above, the original Kuspuks were, and still are, crafted with custom torn pieces of fabric.