Ottertex Polyester Ripstop 8.7 oz Black
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Ottertex Polyester Ripstop 8.7 oz Black

100% Polyester, Polyurethane (PU) Coating
Width: 59/61 inches
Thickness: 0.25 mm 
Care: Brush, Wipe, and Spot Clean with a Mild Cleaning Solution

Ottertex® polyester ripstop fabric is a durable and synthetic fabric that is perfect for all types of indoor and outdoor use. This fabric is 200 denier, 100% polyester with a moderate stiff finish and 59/61” inches wide. It is a medium/heavyweight, high-quality fabric that is woven with special fibers that allow the fabric to have a superior hold against all types of damage and tear.

This fabric is also coated with a PU finish (polyurethane). The PU coating allows the fabric to be completely waterproof through a seam sealing process (the process of covering the stitch holes and seams in fabric to prevent any water leakage). Additionally, this fabric is 200 denier, making it thicker, tougher, and even more durable against the elements. Even with its soft finish, ripstop is an easy to use pliable fabric!

The ripstop fabric can be used for bags, kites, flags, banners, camping equipment, tents, hammocks, pants, sleeping bags, windbreakers, and more.